Fanning the flames of anger and hope, Jeremy Corbyn stands on the shoulders of Tony Benn


From the beginning of time there have been two flames burning in the human heart.

“It sounds very innocent,” said Tony Benn, shortly before he died in 2014, “But if you have given people confidence that they can do something, that is a real achievement. I look back and think: ‘Have I always explained things to people truthfully? Have I always said what I meant and meant what I said?’ And as a result of that, have I encouraged people to have confidence in themselves? All I would want on my gravestone would be: ‘Here Lies Tony Benn: He Encouraged Us.’”

He summed up his political career with these words:

“From the beginning of time there have been two flames burning in the human heart. The flame of anger against injustice, and the flame of hope you can build a better world. And my job is to go round fanning both flames.”

Tony Benn’s 10-minute history lesson for neoliberals

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Free Movement and Beyond – Agenda Setting for Brexit Britain

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