16 April London | Protest when Parliament reconvenes | Stop the rush to war | Don’t bomb Syria


Source: Stop the War Coalition

Protest when Parliament reconvenes
Stop the rush to war: Don’t bomb Syria
Monday 16 April | 5.30pm
Parliament Square | London SW1P 3
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Theresa May has joined Donald Trump and sent UK missiles to bomb Syria, without getting parliamentary support for what is an illegal act in violation of international law. The stakes are obviously extremely high, and opinion polls suggest public opinion is firmly against military action. Only 22% of respondents in a YouGov poll said they would support airstrikes on Syria. More bombing would prolong the agony of the Syrian people and risk causing a catastrophic war with Russia.

Join the Don’t Bomb Syria #NotInMyNameTheresaMay protest on Monday when Parliament returns:  Parliament Square London from 5.30pm.


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