01 Apr 2018: CND at Aldermaston • Easter Sunday • Celebrating CND’s 60th Birthday


CND at Aldermaston | Easter Sunday
1 April 2018 | Assemble 12 Noon
AWE Aldermaston | West Berkshire RG7 4PR
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Join CND to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first Aldermaston march. This was a march that changed the face of politics and protest, putting CND at the cutting edge of radical social change, mobilising and inspiring generations in the struggle for nuclear disarmament.

It’s time to celebrate our history and look to our future: there are big challenges ahead – Trumpism for example, but also big opportunities – like the global ban.

For speeches, music, memories, fence decorating and forward planning. The event will conclude with an inter-faith vigil.

New Book, published February 2018
CND at 60: Britain’s most enduring mass movement

The inside story of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which has become a byword for protest and radicalism, shaping three generations and inspiring mass movements for peace across the globe. By CND General Secretary Kate Hudson.

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